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Sloping off: 10 best ski jackets

The 2014 ski season’s in full swing. Make sure you hit the slopes in style in one of these coats ..........Read full article

The Down Jackets That Won't Make You Look Huge

The holidays are over, and your pants are finally zipping up normally again. We understand the last thing you want on your body is a big, puffy coat à la the Michelin Man. We also understand that when it's six degrees outside, warmth is the main priority. ..........Read full article

Patagonia rest-stop effect and Snowy Owls

The Snowy Owls being seen in Minnesota are not evenly distributed through the state, or so it seems from reports. There are clusters in Dakota County, and west of us in the Litchfield area and beyond. The question has been asked, why there? ..........Read full article

Your down coat could be the product of cruelty

Some down is plucked while geese are still alive, causing immense suffering. Find out how to avoid it ..........Read full article

7 Flattering Winter Coats That Won't Add Bulk: Say Hello to the

In my whole life, until this year, I've never owned a long puffy winter coat. I'm not sure whether it was a matter of principle or youthful arrogance, but despite living through some very-much-sub-zero winters (I went to college in New Hampshire, where it pretty much snowed solidly from October through March), I always chose fashion over function—and usually froze my tuckus off wearing something tailored, expensive, and unwaterproof. ..........Read full article

Patagonia Common Threads Worn Wear Program

Just in time for the temperatures to start dropping, Patagonia recently announced its Worn Wear program where customers can bring in their used Patagonia clothing for store credit, as well as buy used Patagonia clothing. Portland is only one of four locations in the U.S. to offer this program, with Seattle, Palo Alto, and Chicago being the others. Items accepted for trade-in include Patagonia shells, fleece, down and synthetic insulation, and ski and alpine pants. Clothing must be clean and in good condition and customers can earn trade-in credit valued at 50 percent of the price of the item, which will then be sold through the store’s Common Threads Worn Wear™ section. Credit can be redeemed for purchases in store or online. Patagonia has always been at the forefront of sustainability, and the Worn Wear program takes them even further. More about the program: ..........Read full article

Ecco la collezione Alpine di Patagonia per la Primavera/Estate 2

L’unico modo per spostarsi velocemente e liberamente in montagna è viaggiare leggeri. L’obiettivo che anima i kit efficienti, leggeri e minimalisti per l’alpinismo di Patagonia della stagione primaverile è all’ insegna della massima libertà. I nostri nuovi prodotti sono caratterizzati da un design e tessuti che vi consentiranno di spingervi sempre un po’ più oltre, più veloci, senza aggiunte extra. ..........Read full article

Are Fair Trade Clothes a Fair Deal?

Dan Schawbel, author and founder of Millennial Branding, said millennials tend to be conservative when it comes to spending and saving money, "so products that give them a bang for their buck are more appealing to them." ..........Read full article

At Patagonia, a Deep-Seated Commitment to Environmentalism

Catering to alpine and other outdoor enthusiasts means much more to Patagonia, Inc., than just designing and selling the highest-quality outerwear. It means making a deep commitment to pressing environmental and social concerns as well. By developing an environmentally conscious corporate culture and supporting the environmental causes and groups its customers care most about, Patagonia has hit upon a winning business formula that sets it apart from all other outerwear marketers, and stands as a shining example for all environmentally minded businesses. Patagonia's strategy, "doing well by doing good," is paying off in stellar sales and fiercely loyal customers. ..........Read full article

Amid criticism, Patagonia works to rid outerwear of PFCs

Patagonia, The North Face and other outdoor sportswear makers are responding to a Greenpeace hazardous chemicals report this way: We’re on it.  However, elite outdoor clothing manufacturers say change doesn’t happen overnight to find replacements of hazardous chemicals in their outerwear. And while they insist they’re working hard at finding safer materials that meet their tough standards, they argue the current ingredients in their products don’t run counter to their eco-friendly image either.  ..........Read full article